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How To Not Get Lost Inside The Bowery House

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It isn't easy, but there are ways to navigate the twisting, poorly-lit labyrinth that is the Bowery House Hotel. Just walk very carefully and slowly, remaining aware that any of these doors could fly open at any moment, knocking you off your weary feet and into another person's cabin. Also, shine your smartphone for additional light. It helps.

To call the cabins at the hotel 'compact' would be an understatement. But for all of its 'personal space' issues, this place also has a ton of charm. Dorm-style "bunk rooms" are available for people traveling in groups (same-sex only), but the real winners are the "original cabins." Once you've imprinted the floor layout into your mind, all that's left to enjoy is the tiny, dollhouse-like room, which barely fits a bed, dresser, and some (minimal) luggage. See below for photos from inside!

The hotel promotes the cabins (of which there are 77 throughout the hotel) as "Ideal for individuals looking to enjoy the authentic nature of 220 Bowery." Well, aside from staring at a poster of the Sex Pistols on the wall of your cabin, we're not sure how much history you'll be soaking up. But since the design mirrors the original layout of the 1927 single room cabin hotel, it's more about just being in the space than looking at any one particular thing.

These wooden latices were installed to provide ventilation among the rooms. A simple ceiling would have proved too constrictive, and no covering at all might have made the room feel a little too open. After all, a thin partition is all that really separates one guest from another. As you can well imagine, sound travels easily here.

A handy hook is provided in each room to avoid clutter on the floor. Plus, these adorable mason jar lamps are all over the building.

We told you the rooms were small!

Luckily, the bathroom is clearly labeled. Otherwise, we'd be wondering around all night looking for a place to pee!

Bike rentals, free wi-fi, and an international newspaper stand in the lobby round out the attractions at this odd place. For only $67 a night, you can call one of those cabins your very own! Just don't forget your room number. This isn't the kind of place that allows for much dilly-dallying.

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