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Demi Moore Has The Most Depressing Hotel Stay Ever

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October 10, 2011 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

It must be true. Your choice of hotel mirrors your station in life. Take for example this celebrity couple on the brink of divorce.

Ashton Kutcher most likely ended his marriage to Demi Moore with a groupie sex fling at at the Hard Rock in San Diego, a notorious party hotel. Meanwhile, Demi sought solace from the sex scandal in the loving arms of the refined Crosby Street Hotel in Soho.

Star Magazine managed to bribe get a staffer to divulge the details of Demi's stay and it's super sad.

She didn't have any visitors, including room service or maid service during her stay, a hotel insider reveals. And she was never spotted outside her room except for when she left to appear on Good Morning America and to attend the premiere of her upcoming film, Five, on September 26.

Ugh. As if he weren't already terrible enough that your husband cheated on you with a trashy party girl, who's also the same age as your eldest daughter, can you imagine going to the Crosby Street Hotel and not having room service for breakfast?

Our heart hurts for you Demi. No man is worth ruining a stay at the Crosby Street Hotel. No man! Not even this one. Or that one. Ok, maybe this one would be worth it.

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Does anyone else think it's weird that this whole scandal is erupting just as Demi is getting ready to publicize her new Lifetime TV movie?