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Flyin' High Inside a Penthouse At 48Lex

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October 7, 2011 at 10:06 AM | by | ()

 Remember when we showed you a snapshot of a Hyatt 48Lex conference room that had been converted into a makeshift clothing boutique? Well, the real reason we were there that day was to tour one of the Hyatt's 23rd-floor penthouse suites. And boy, are they looking good.

Space is not one of the hotel's assets (consistently a problem in New York)—at 116 rooms, the lean glass tower is more efficient than luxuriant in that sense. But the feel, in both the standard rooms, the suites, and the Lexicon Lounge, is very distinctly New York: compact, sleek, and sturdy.

 Unlike other rooms we've stayed in that try to wow with flashy motifs, Hyatt 48Lex goes for a more classic appeal, with darker colors and an integrated design.

Indeed, certain elements (the floors, kitchen cabinets, bedroom closets) were literally built right into the room from scratch. This handmade feel permeates all rooms in the compact penthouse suite—from the wavy-textured granite bathroom walls to the wooden slats out on the terrace. If we had to pick out one particular feature though, it would have to be the unusual floor lamp that hangs over the dining room table. Only in New York would a lamp as skinny as an apple stem actually make sense!

Other favorites from the room: the exquisite white porcelain bathtub, positioned at an angle in the disproportionately large bathroom (more than half the size of the bedroom), plus the lavish terrace that casts views over Lexington Avenue below.

A snazzy-looking panel of buttons is located on either side of the bed, and aims to control both light dimmers and curtains. But annoyingly, some of the buttons didn't seem to work, and others were mislabeled. Probably easier just to sit out on the terrace with a book and let the city's (un)natural glow be all the reading light you need.

What are your thoughts on this penthouse? Yay or nay? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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