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Who Knew? This Month is 'Rock the Robe' Month at Kimpton Hotels

October 6, 2011 at 4:24 PM | by | ()

Kimpton robes spotted in the wild...aka a guest room.

If you've ever lusted after one of Kimpton Hotels's signature animal print bathrobes, this month might be the month to get one.

The hotel brand is commemorating the 10th anniversary of their robe all month long at their hotels by doing several giveaways.

The first way to win a Kimpton bathrobe is to simply attend the hotel's nightly wine hour, which has actually been renamed Wild Wine Hour this month and will be two hours long instead of the usual hour. (Sorry, this is for guests only!)Guests are invited to to strut around in their animal print robes while employees (also rocking the robes) will raffle off robes for guests to take home. Please be mindful of fellow attendees if you decide to "freeball" it.

Over on Facebook, followers that "like" Kimpton can participate in a "Rock the Robe" sweepstakes to win one of three animal print robes--giraffe, zebra and cheetah--that will be given away each week throughout the month of October. The sweepstakes seems harmless but it does require letting a sweepstakes app access your info, something which we personally never allow on our FB page. Not even for Bieber tickets!

But there's another way to win a free robe, although it won't be easy. Kimpton is conducting a "I Want My Warm Fuzzy" robe giveaway tomorrow, offering a free robe to the first 10 people on Twitter that tweet “I want my warm fuzzy,” using the hashtag #rocktherobe. Great, not only do we have to be on guard for the iPhone 4S, we've got to squat on Twitter to get a free robe. It is worth it though, it is worth it.

But if you don't win on either Twitter or Facebook, or just can't be bothered with this social media madness, you can get a 30 percent discount on the robe all month long at KimptonStyle.com. The robes usually cost $90 but you can get 'em this month for a warm and fuzzy $63.

NOTE: This discount does not apply to Michaele Salahi, notorious hotel bathrobe klepto. (Those are our words, not Kimpton's.)

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