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The Grosvenor Used to Have an Ice Rink (and Other Tidbits From Hotelier Stuart Bowery)

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October 5, 2011 at 3:20 PM | by | ()

His name aside, hotelier Stuart Bowery has absolutely nothing to do with the eponymous New York hotel. Bowery resides across the pond in London, where he manages the comparably luxe Grosvenor property. Bowery recently received profile treatment from Air & Business Travel News, where he had some interesting things to say about the local hotel scene in the wake of London's disastrous riots and in the lead up to next year's Olympic Games.

Bowery spoke about maintaining the Grosvenor's "heritage" and reputation among the upper echelons of London's hotel hierarchy, especially as they're set to welcome hoards of new customers next summer. Bowery revealed that "around 95%" of the hotel's rooms have been promised to LOCOG, or the London 2012 Organizing Committee, reinforcing some of the stats about London hotel occupancy we've been reporting on over the past few months. (No word on how specifically the West End giant will compete with its more fresh-faced, slick East End counterparts, however.)

Also aligning with recent Hotel Chatter coverage is Bowery's pronouncement that customers "from Asia, the Far East and the Middle East" are some of "the stronger markets" bringing business to London's hotel scene.

Towing the party line for the most part (to paraphrase, The Grosvenor is well-prepped for the Olympics, there aren't any perceptible lasting effects from the recent riots, etc.), Bowery did have this fun tidbit to share about the hotel's history: didja know that the Grosvenor's Great Room "was originally the ice rink and the Queen [went there] to ice skate when she was 7"? We certainly didn't, and now we're left who 86'ed the amazing leisure feature. Someone with a quintessentially English stiff upper lip, we suspect.

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