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Will Apple's New iPhone 4S Unleash a Whole New Breed of Hotel Apps?

October 4, 2011 at 2:58 PM | by | ()

Apple has just unveiled their new iPhone5 iPhone 4S which doesn't look that much different from the iPhone 4 but on the inside, things have been changed up drastically. Most exciting is the addition of Suri Cruise, er, Siri, the voice recognition app who will serve as your "humble personal assistant" telling you when you have a meeting, what the weather is like today, sending your text messages and picking out a restaurant for you to dine at.

Even though we've not had much success with voice recognition, Suri, er, Siri does promise to be life-changing. Provided she's actually understanding what you're saying.

Naturally, if Apple is demonstrating Siri's ability to pick out a restaurant in a certain neighborhood in their keynote address, we can't help but wonder if Siri can help us find a hotel room.

And if Siri can help us find a hotel room within a certain price range, like NYC under $200 which is damn near impossible these days. (A budget motel by LaGuardia does not count. Sorry, it just doesn't. Eh! We don't want to hear it.)

So we only have a short while to wait to see how Apple has programmed Siri's travel booking abilities as the phone comes out on October 14 but clearly, we sense that hotels and booking sites with iPhone apps are going to go buckwild incorporating Siri into their offerings. And you know what? We can't wait. Let the Siri Circus begin!

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