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Not Quite A Bathtub Full Of Candy, But This Made Us Smile

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October 4, 2011 at 11:56 AM | by | ()

We came across this adorable email exchange a recent guest had with Hotel Monaco Portland in the weeks leading up to their stay, and thought we'd pass it along. Though Kimpton had us scratching our heads during the whole Elmo/NASA thing this summer, it turns out they actually have a pretty good sense of humor.

In the exchange, Kimpton asks an incoming guest if he would require any special services or amenities arranged prior to their arrival. The guest then jokingly invents two "absurd and outrageous" requests (a bed full of puppies, a bathtub full of Reese's Pieces), and suggests the hotel pretends he is in town to celebrate a "quintuple homicide acquittal."

The whole exchange was light-hearted and fleeting enough for the guest to have forgotten all about it by the time he checked into the hotel. So when he walked into his room, it was to his surprise that he found free Reese's Pieces, a handwritten note (congratulating him on his homicide acquittal) with a picture of a kitten, and a $10 minibar voucher. Not quite a bathtub full of candy, but way to go Kimpton!

Above is the handwritten note—proof if you ever needed it of the undeniable charm of personalized mail.

Guests, no matter whether they're staying at a Fairfield Inn or the Armani Hotel, like to feel engaged and connected. Humor is a great way of accomplishing that goal quickly and easily, and will make the experience more memorable for all parties involved.

Throwing in a little candy and free minibar item doesn't hurt, either.

[Photo: Reddit]

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