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Flight Attendants Change Hotels After Death at Mexico City Hilton

Where: International Mexico City Airport, Mexico City, Mexico
October 31, 2011 at 8:45 AM | by | ()

This is just the kind of awful news you don't want to wake up to on any morning let alone a Halloween Monday morning--a US Airways flight attendant was found dead in his hotel room at the Mexico City Airport Hilton.

The AP reports that Phoenix-based crew member Nick Aaronson, 33, was found early Saturday morning naked in his hotel bed with his hands tied behind his back. His body showed signs of a beating and the Daily Mail reported his luggage was scattered throughout the room. Mexico City police are investigating the incident, which they are treating as a homicide and there have been reports that Aaronson's mother said an arrest has already been made.

Meanwhile, AFA 66 flight attendants' union put a statement on their website saying they did not believe a security breach had happened yet they have moved their crews to another hotel for layovers until the matter is resolved.

The hotel is actually located within the Benito Juarez International Airport airport at Terminal 1, in the international arrivals area, making it an ideal spot to stay for layovers (For what it's worth, the hotel has free WiFi too.) But it might also be an ideal spot to commit a murder, with international flights to hop on so close by.

Details on this terrible tragedy will no doubt unfold over the next few days and even though the union's statement made it sound as if Aaronson may have known his attacker, you can never be too cautious when staying in a hotel room, especially if you are alone. Here are some safety rules to check out after you check in.

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