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TripAdvisor Names The Top Ten Dirtiest Hotels, Hotel Owner Gets Mad

October 28, 2011 at 9:14 AM | by | ()

Hotel owners, take note: when you're trying to build credibility for your brand, it might not be a good idea to let over eight years' worth of god awful customer reviews pile up on your TripAdvisor page without taking action. Kenneth Seaton, owner of Pigeon Forge Grand Resort Hotel in Tennessee, is suing TripAdvisor for $10 million for placing him smack at the top of their Dirtiest Hotels 2011 list, citing 87% percent of reviewers gave the place a thumbs down.

According to The Mountain Press, Seaton's lawyers are referencing "flawed" rating systems that "distort" the actual performance of the hotel—further, they accuse TripAdvisor of "contriving...to cause respected customers to lose confidence" in the hotel.

Um, right. We bet all of those "respected customers" were just clamoring to stay another night here after browsing through the pre-existing reviews and photos. Roaches in the door frame? No thanks.

Seaton's attorney, Sidney Gilreath, said this to MSNBC:

"Being called the dirtiest hotel in America has been pretty devastating to him. He’s looking for compensation for the loss of business as a result of their report."

Meanwhile TripAdvisor won't comment, and Seaton sure as heck won't be talking any time soon, so we're looking to hear from you guys on this. Was it fair for TripAdvisor to compile its worst-rated hotels into a "Top Ten Dirtiest Hotels" list? Would you stick up for a hotel you trusted even if it had been placed on the list? Let us know your thoughts below!

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