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Finally, Work is Beginning on The Edition Miami Beach (Or Is It?)

Where: 2901 Collins Avenue [map], Miami Beach, FL, United States, 33140
October 24, 2011 at 8:50 AM | by | ()

Update, 10.28.11: A HotelChatter operative rode by the property today and reports: "There is a huge crane at work and they've torn down one entire side -- wall and windows etc. so yes, progress is afoot!"

Last month we gave you a nifty little guide to the Shiny New Hotels Coming to South Beach and on it we mentioned that Edition South Beach would be happening, someday, inside the old Seville Beach Resort.

The plan for Edition South Beach to rise from the ashes of the Seville were announced back in July 2010 but as of March of this year, there was still no work happening on the hotel, leading us to wonder if the timeline of three years of "significant renovations" would be pushed back even further.

But thanks to a tipster, we think we spy some movement. Check out the scaffolding going up along the exterior. Exciting! Update: Some neighborhood folks actually say that work hasn't been happening on the hotel for a while. So who knows what's really going on here. If you do, let us know!

Yet given that the Waikiki Edition recently crashed and burned and the only one out there now is all the way in Istanbul, we wonder how well will the next Editions fare?

Well, at the Lifestyle Boutique Hotel Investors Conference in Miami last week, senior VP and managing director of Edition Tim Miller addressed that exact issue, saying Marriott will now be funding the next three Edition Hotels themselves, meaning no other owners can kick them out. The next three Edition include New York, London and yup, Miami Beach.

So that means more work is definitely going to start happening here. When will it open? Hmmm...we think 2014 might be a better guesstimate.

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Edition Hotel South Beach

I emailed Marriott.com about this property. Marriott says this property will open sometime on October of 2013. Good thing too, I 'm glad Marriott is behind this all the way.