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Affinia Manhattan Wants You To Pull An All-Nighter

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October 21, 2011 at 9:06 AM | by | ()

We sure do love hearing from our readers. Not that we're trying to take the burden off our own reporting, but being told about a new hotel feature still rocks our world. Yesterday, reader Pam sent in this photo of the Do Not Disturb Signs at the renovated Affinia Manhattan—which, we should add, we toured and reviewed here back in July.

One reads, 'the day is short,' the other, 'the night is long.' Coupled with the nifty flower designs in the rooms, we find these little placards pretty cute! With all the new toys to play with at Affinia hotels, you'll be needing those extra hours in the night to properly enjoy them.

This year's $24 million renovation added 89 rooms to the hotel, imbuing each of them with an "artist's studio" look. Indeed, we associate the idea of long nights with that college-y, artsy lifestyle. Ditto sleeping all day. But before you start wondering if Affinia is turning into another one of those grunge-erriffic rock star hotels, remember this: would a grungy hotel be peddling buckwheat pillows and XBoxes from a four-wheeld "Comfort Cart?" Yeah, we didn't think so.

Pam also fed our hotel toy obsession with this photo of the Affinia King Kong.

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And if you've got one of your own to add to the mix, send it in!

[Photo: HC Tipster Pam]

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