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This Might Be The Best Part of the Hotel Bel-Air's New Rooms

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October 20, 2011 at 5:00 PM | by | ()

Usually we save our hotel bathroom escapades for Bathroom Tuesdays but we just had to share this loo story from the recently reopened Hotel Bel-Air.

Inside of all the guestrooms, not just the fancy suites, are the finest thrones you could hope for--Neorest 500 automatic toilets, complete with remote controls. Do you hear bells ringing? We do!

While it's not as advanced as the cans at the Peninsula Tokyo, the Neorest still rises to greet you (see video below) and is heated at all times. Plus, when you're done you can look at the remote for all sorts of other "activities" to do.

One of the reasons we love luxury hotels so much is that we get to live in the lap of luxury for a little bit and the Hotel Bel-Air is certainly giving its guests that chance with their new bathrooms. Not only are there La Prairie amenities but in addition to a shower, there's a deep soaking tub with a TV appropriately positioned above. Heaven.

But if you plan on taking the Neorest home with you, it will cost upwards of $3,000 and no, the hotel does not sell it in its boutique store.

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Unhealthy obsession

Why don't we just go ahead and re-christen the site BathroomChatter


not that I'm complaining!

toilet control

I like the control style of those toilets much better than the japanese automatic ones that we had in Aria Vegas.  

ooo which ones at Aria?

Are those in the Sky Suites? I've only ever had regular ones at Aria. However, I do know there are similar toilets at the Palazzo in their chairman's suites.