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Morgans Making Major Moves in London

October 19, 2011 at 8:45 AM | by | ()

Last week, news came out that Morgans Hotel Group would be selling their interest in both The Sanderson and St. Martin's Lane but this didn't concern us too much as hotels sell off their interests all the time without ever losing their management contracts. And indeed, Morgans will still be running both hotels now until the end of time, or 2041, which ever comes first.

But then just the other day, some very interesting news about Morgans came out--the NY-based hotel group would be acquiring The Hoxton Hotel famous for its £1 rooms. Hospitality.Net reports that Morgans has teamed up with Invesco Real Estate to purchase the hotel for about £70mil.

A piece in the Sunday Times also said the Hoxton will then turn into the Hudson London to align it with the Hudson New York. Crazy! And a little sad because we think the Hoxton shouldn't have to give up their identity in this whole trade.

Nevertheless, it's clear Morgans wants to conquer London, especially considering that the hotel is going ahead with a Mondrian (inside the Sea Containers House along the Thames). We're excited because Morgans will no doubt bring some fun nightlife options to these properties, but we're also skeptical. And to be honest, we just want to know if the £1 room promotion will stay on.

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