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This Is Why You Should Pray Justin Bieber Never Stays at Your Hotel

October 17, 2011 at 8:50 AM | by | ()

Imagine going on vacation and having your long-awaited, hard-earned days of rest interrupted by this? That's yet another, in a long list of, crowd of screaming girls hoping to get a glimpse of Justin Bieber at the W Santiago. Except...Justin wasn't even inside!

TMZ reports:

We know Justin decided to stay in Buenos Aires an extra day ... so he wasn't even in Chile when the fans stormed the hotel. According to our sources, the mob scene prompted local authorities to contact Bieber's camp and order him to come to the hotel by helicopter ... because they feared they couldn't control the crowd.

The same thing also happened in Buenos Aires at the Faena Hotel when 600 fans stalking Biebs in front caused major congestion in the streets and forced the hotel to call the police, who later brought in barricades and closed off the entire neighborhood. And how could we forget the pandemonium that happened in March at the Hard Day's Night Hotel in Liverpool (of all places!)

Girls (and some boys), please give it up. Justin is totes dating Selena Gomez right now. And she loves him like a love song so you know it's totes for reals. Sorry! Leave us paying hotel guests alone now.

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This Is Why You Should Pray Justin Bieber Never St

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