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Twitpic of the Week: This Guy Knows How To Use a Hotel Bathtub

October 17, 2011 at 9:00 AM | by | Comments (0)

In the ever-expanding universe of Twitter, there is one particular trend @HotelChatter happens to quite enjoy: candid hotel room photos. These Twitpics range from stunning views to anti-views to celebrity tomfoolery and everything in between. And we can't get enough of 'em! Every Monday, we will feature one "Twitpic of the Week" to commemorate our favorite hotel-themed snapshot. Got a favorite of your own? Want to show off your sweet suite? Send it in!

This week, we're getting squeaky clean in the bathtub with acclaimed British vlogger Charlie McDonnell. McDonnell, who goes by @coollike in the Twitter-sphere, posted this photo last week with the caption: "Staying in a hotel room with my brother. It seems as though his bubble bath has gone ever so slightly awry."

We'd love to see what Charlie would have made of this all-wooden tub in Bangkok. This guy obviously knows how to properly use a hotel room: make as big of a mess as possible, and have fun. Demi Moore could learn a thing or two from him...

[Photo: @coollike]

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