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As Promised, The Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix is Now Selling blucigs E-Cigarettes

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  Site Where: 401 West Clarendon Avenue [map], Phoenix, AZ, United States, 85013
October 13, 2011 at 2:53 PM | by | ()

A couple of weeks ago, Ben Bethel, the owner of the Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix let us know that he would be selling e-cigarettes to his smoking guests. He told us:

We're tired of charging guests $250 for smoking charges, tired of deep-cleaning guest rooms after they're smoked in, and tired of chasing after guests who are smoking in our pool area and rooftop bar. So, we're going to start encouraging guests to use E-Cigarettes, to the point that I'm even going to sell them at the front desk.

Not long after our story went up, Bethel had partnered up with blucigs to sell guests their brand of e-cigarettes for $10 each. Now we can report that the hotel is selling blucig's disposables product line with flavor options of Menthol and Classic Tobacco.

Not a smoker but still curious as to how these disposable electronic ciggies work? The cigarette contains a battery, atomizer and cartridge which allows over 400 puffs, or approximately one and a half packs of cigarettes in each disposable. All you need to do is pull on the activation tab and voila, you're puffing away.

Except instead of an orange hue at the end of your cig when you puff, there's simply a "blu" LED light. And for your fellow hotel guests, there's no secondhand smoke. Sounds like a win-win to us.

What do you think? Should more hotels be adopting e-cigarettes for their smoking guests? Sound off in comments below!

Archived Comments:

The Clarendon

Thanks for posting this!  As the owner of The Clarendon, this means a lot... we know that smokers are irritated - and can get nasty - when they learn how tough our anti-smoking laws are in Arizona.  Sure, you can carry a gun into pretty much anywhere without a permit, but you can't smoke anywhere.  If you're within 20 feet of a building entrance, no smoking... if you're below a window that opens/closes, no smoking... if you're anywhere food/drinks are served (even outdoors), no smoking... if you're in a pool area, no smoking.  This means that if you're in a dense area, like a downtown with door-to-door businesses, you may have to walk 1/2 a mile to get somewhere you can smoke.  

On the hotel side of things, there's nothing worse than chasing people around telling them "sorry, but you need to walk into the street to smoke" or trying to get a room ready after it's been smoked in, especially when we're at 100% occupancy... not only do we take the room down for 2-3 days, but we deep-clean everything, and we charge the guest $250.  Marijuana and cigars are worse.  People think because Medical Marijuana is legal here that they can smoke it anywhere (they can't, the law is pretty strict about where you can use it, you pretty much have to go into a residential dwelling, not a hotel room).

Electronic cigarettes have really saved the day, and are a win-win situation - people who need nicotine can get it using a system similar to an asthma inhaler, without the thousands of other ingredients, and for the hotel we're helping to keep guests happy and smoking in their rooms or anywhere else they want to get their nicotine.  I think if nicotine delivery can be made a lot less dangerous and a lot less offensive, the world would be a much better place.  

Lastly, there's a lot less litter - 1/3 of all litter in the united states is composed of cigarette butts, which is shameful.  I personally have always thought there should be a 5 cent deposit on cigarette butts... this alone would probably end homelessness, because most smokers wouldn't care to save their butts, but most homeless people would turn into gainfully employed butt collectors.

Anyway, thank you again for publishing this article - I hope that more and more hotels follow our lead.  If you're a non-smoker you should also be in favor of this, because there's nothing worse than having your floor or hotel room reek like cigarettes - and imagine how wonderful Vegas would smell if it didn't smell like smoke everywhere! That's my number one reason for not going to Vegas - I can't stand the cigarette smoke!

Ben Bethel
The Clarendon Hotel

Sell more

My only criticism of Ben Bethel's action is he's only selling one disposable.  Even if he kept his stock limited to Blu, selling Blu and Blu100 cartridges would be even better since those work on standard 510 gear.  This with a 510 to KR808d-1 adapter would cover the vast majority of e-cigs out there.

But I can't expect everything, pretty awesome there is one disposable solution.



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