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The 2011 Master List of Hotel Openings Update: London

October 12, 2011 at 1:53 PM | by | ()

The Renaissance St. Pancras which actually opened EARLIER than expected.

It's hard to believe but 2011 is practically coming to an end. Once Halloween has come and gone, the holiday season will begin and before you know it you will be too tipsy at a crowded New Year's Eve party grasping for someone to kiss before the clock strikes.

While you're doing that, we'll be busy readying our 2012 Master Hotel Openings List. And in the interest of making that story easy to complete, we'd thought we check in on how the hotels on the 2011 Master Hotel Openings List have fared.

Are there any hotels that we are going to have to carry over to 2012? Yes, quite a bit. Now, that we've listed who's naughty and nice in New York, let's look in on London as the city gets closer and closer to the 2012 Olympics.

There were a bunch of hotel opening hiccups in London but we're very pleased with the amount of new hotels now open in London. And there will only be more to come next year as Olympics mania takes over the city.

· St. John Hotel
Initially, this hotel was set for February but that came and went and nary a soul was spotted in the hotel. But finally, in early April the hotel began taking guests.

· Four Seasons Park Lane
Right on schedule, the Four Seasons hotel opened after massive renovations on January 31. One of our trusted readers went inside and liked the "special feeling of being at a hotel that brand new". Don't we all?

· W London
After waiting what felt like forever, the hotel did indeed open on February 14. Just two days after opening, we went inside. The activity at this hotel has been nonstop since then hosting celebrities, parties, mystery theater events, two reincarnations of the Writers Library, a grumpy Paul Carr and what not. It's kinda hard to believe it hasn't been open for a full year yet.

· London Syon Park, a Waldorf-Astoria Hotel
The hotel wanted to open by February 22nd but had to delay it for a bit (even though Kate Moss was allowed in.) The doors finally opened on March 8 with the hotel quick to offer guests their own little piggies for 600 pounds.

· Avo Hotel
This chic East London hotel had a little delay in February but finally opened in March.

· Corinthia London
The luxury hotel promised to open in April but soon sketchy connections to Muammar Qaddafi surfaced. Nevertheless, the hotel soldiered on with an opening on May 9.

· Eccleston Square
"London's most hi-tech hotel" had an opening glitch in both May and then again in early July but it finally opened in early August.

· St Pancras Renaissance
The Marriott hotel surprised us all by opening nearly two months early on March 14. The hotel has hefty security but we snuck in anyways.

· Zetter Townhouse
As promised the Zetter Townhouse opened across the street from the original Zetter Hotel in May. And it has table tennis!

· Hilton London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5
We had this hotel listed for "Second quarter, 2011" which in hotel-speak meant August 31.

· 45 Park Lane
The hotel opened during the very last weeks of Summer on September 1 complete with a custom bath menu.

· Belgraves, a Thompson Hotel: There's been some changes to the exterior of this former Sheraton but the Thompson hotel is still listed as opening in Fall 2011.

· Aloft London ExCeL
The hotel was scheduled for Late 2011. Then we got word that it will be in November. Now it's set for October 31. Spooky!

· Oxford Hotel King's Cross
Have not heard much about this hotel which makes us doubt the late 2011 opening date.

· Intercontinental London Westminster: Originally set to open in late 2011 the hotel will now open in Spring 2012, just in time for the Olympics of course.

That's all the updates that we have so far. Know of another new hotel opening in London in the next couple of months? Even better, know of any major hotel delays? Keep us informed!

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St Ermin's Hotel

Just to add that the St Ermin's Hotel which soft opened in the summer joined the MGallery Collection officially on 6 October

Yes, St. Ermin's!

We actually have a report on that coming up very soon. Hopefully on Monday. Trying to sort through all the pics now :)