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The 2011 Master List of Hotel Openings Update: New York City

October 11, 2011 at 2:56 PM | by | ()

It's hard to believe but 2011 is practically coming to an end. Once Halloween has come and gone, the holiday season will begin and before you know it you will be too tipsy at a crowded New Year's Eve party grasping for someone to kiss before the clock strikes.

While you're doing that, we'll be busy readying our 2012 Master Hotel Openings List. And in the interest of making that story easy to complete, we'd thought we check in on how the hotels on the 2011 Master Hotel Openings List have fared.

Are there any hotels that we are going to have to carry over to 2012? Yes, quite a bit. So let's begin with everyone's favorite hotel hotspot--New York.

We listed 16 new hotels for New York and surprisingly, more than half have opened. Check 'em out:

· The Nolitan: This hotel finally opened (with Nolitan-branded skateboards) in July.

· Mondrian New York: Right on target, this fanciful hotel opened on February 22 and we promptly spent the night.

· Four Points by Sheraton Long Island/Queensboro Bridge: This hotel was set to open on March 3 but in typical Starwoodsian fashion, it opened later on April 28.

· Aloft Brooklyn: This hotel was delayed several times, starting with March 31, then April 21 but the hotel didn't actually open its doors until June 9.

· Dream Downtown: This dreamy hotel was set to open Memorial Weekend but the Dream was deferred until June 13.

· Sanctuary Hotel: The constantly evolving Portland Square Hotel finally reopened (mostly) as The Sanctuary Hotel in late June.

· Hotel Americano: The sexy Chelsea property had an ambiguous "Spring" opening date forever but eventually opened in September.

· The Out NYC: The Out NYC is set to unveil its nightclubs this fall but the guest rooms are, oddly, TBD.

· Graves Charney: The trail on this Bryant Park hotel has gone cold. Their website still says 2010 while the Graves Williamsburg Hotel and Residents is listed as opening in 2011. Any info? Let us know!

· Tryp by Wyndham: The hotel promised a mid-2011 opening but all we've got so far is their website. When we strolled by the property in July, we guesstimated October. Fittingly, the hotel's website still says Fall 2011.

· NoMad Hotel: Last we heard this hotel will open sometime in 2011. But really, it's more like sometime in 2012. However the hotel did get a glass pyramid roof!

· Flatiron Hotel: After much back and forth, this hotel finally opened in late August but it's clear the long wait did not benefit the hotel. Does anyone know what that random sink in the lobby is about?

· Hyatt Union Square: This new Hyatt is still set to open later this year but we think 2012 might be more likely, especially if they take our advice to add a coat or two of glamour.

· Hyatt 48 Lex: After a false alarm of opening in April, the hotel did open on August 29.

· Hilton New York/JFK Airport, USA: This hotel was set for late 2011 but now is opening February 12.

· Conrad New York: The Conrad folk are still saying Late 2011 but we're getting concerned over the lack of a website. But the free breakfast and evening wine hour will keep us quiet for a little longer.

That's all the updates that we have so far. Know of another new hotel opening in NYC in the next couple of months? Even better, know of any major hotel delays? Keep us informed!

Archived Comments:

Conrad Opening

Conrad actually has a website but the site states reservations starting February 1, 2012.

<a href="http://conradhotels1.hilton.com/en/ch/hotels/index.do?ctyhocn=NYCCICI">http://conradhotels1.hilton.com/en/ch/hotels/index.do?ctyhocn=NYCCICI</a>

And the free breakfast was a mistaken carry over from the former Embassy Suites that was once there.


Thanks for letting us know, we'll check it out now.