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Closings at the Delano, The Dutch at W South Beach and a Stupid Thief at The Fontainebleau

October 12, 2011 at 11:08 AM | by | ()

As the high season gets closer in Miami Beach, there's been a hurricane (too soon?) of activities happening around the hottest hotels.

For starters, The Delano is apparently closing both their Blue Door Fish and Lenny Kravitz's Florida Room, even though both are fairly new to the property.

Miami New Times reports that Blue Door Fish will close sometime after Art Basel and will reopen as something called, Bianca. Brian Massie, a chef from the nightlife and resto outfit in Las Vegas, The Light Group, will take over the cuisine.

There's no word on what's replacing The Florida Room just that it will close at the end of December but reopen sometime before New Year's as whatever new club it's going to be.

Speaking of clubs, over at the W South Beach, a new oyster bar and restaurant called The Dutch is coming to the hotel in November. Actually, this will be the second location for The Dutch as the first one is already open in NYC.

A tipster passed on this construction spot and also pointed us to some tweets by the owner and the chef that you might wanna check out. As with all things W South Beach, we predict it will be THE PLACE to eat in 2012.

There's more valet drama for the Fontainebleau. After Lebron James' mom whacked an attendant last year, there's been another asshat incident in the main valet parking garage-- a car thief was caught...passed out in one of the cars! That's right. Stupid criminal Joe Jesus German lifted some items from cars before finding the keys to a white, Infinity G35 under the car driver's seat. So he hopped in and decided to take a nap in the backseat. CBSNews reports:

"So I put my hands on my uncle's shoulder and I was like, 'Uncle, don't look back, but there's someone in the backseat of our car.' I'm laughing now but I was very serious! I was scared," said Alan Rodriguez, the man who first spotted German.

Rodriguez was giving his uncle a tour of Miami Beach and ended up the Fontainebleau Hotel. After a few hours there, they got back into the car and drove off. They found him a few minutes later in the backseat.

"I thought he was hiding at first," said Rodriguez in an exclusive interview with WFOR.

Rodriguez said he accidentally left his doors unlocked.

So first lesson learned? Don't leave your keys in the car. Second lesson learned? Lock your doors. Third lesson learned? Probably should not valet at the Fontainebleau.

Heading to Miami soon? Not sure which hotel to stay at? Allow our list of 10 BEST MIAMI HOTELS to help you! But sorry, we can't do anything about those room rates as the high season approaches.

[Photos: HotelChatter and CBS New]

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