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Twitpic of the Week: Houndstooth Hotel Madness

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October 10, 2011 at 5:05 PM | by | ()

In the ever-expanding universe of Twitter, there is one particular trend @HotelChatter happens to quite enjoy: candid hotel room photos. These Twitpics range from stunning views to anti-views to celebrity tomfoolery and everything in between. And we can't get enough of 'em! Starting this week, we will begin featuring one "Twitpic of the Week" to commemorate our favorite hotel-themed snapshot. Got a favorite of your own? Want to show off your sweet suite? Send it in!

Life can be tough when you're the world's most famous reality TV star. So when @KimKardashian just needed a nice, prolonged armchair lounging sesh, who was gonna stop her? And if her handsome houndstooth dress happened to perfectly match the fabric on the chair, who was gonna complain about that either?

We already knew the Gansevoort Park was a major fave among the celebs. Beyonce and her bump were caught walking through those famous black doors last week. Rihanna stopped by in July. And we already knew hotel-lover Kim Kardashian had a soft spot for this place.

But blending into the hotel furniture? Not even we had ever thought of doing that before.

[Photo: @KimKardashian]

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