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Marriott Central Park Will Be The Tallest Hotel In New York

Where: 1717 Broadway [map], New York, NY, United States, 10019
January 5, 2011 at 12:04 PM | by | ()

NYC has seen a lot of boutique hotel action in recent years, but looking forward, the future looks big. As in, big chains and huge hotel construction projects, from the new Park Hyatt set for 57th Street to the overhaul of Penn Station. Next up: a Marriott Hotels tower that will become the tallest hotel in the city.

As our friends at Curbed report, the two-in-one hotel tower will rise 67 stories over Broadway--at 54th Street.

While we're excited about the prospect of a new hotel, our reaction to the news that the new tower would be home to a Courtyard By Marriott and Residence Inn was: Oh. Really?

Considering that the other hotels that dare reach similar heights are the Mandarin Oriental New York at the Time Warner Center and Trump International Hotel & Tower New York, the new building will at least give budget-conscious guests the chance to sleep in the sky. But will we get a grossly overpriced rooftop cocktail lounge if this is a Marriott? (Probably.)

According to Curbed, the project being developed by Harry Gross and designed by architect Nobutaka Ashihara will start with a six-story glass block housing shops, restaurants and hotel lobbies. The Courtyard Inn will rise above that for 14 floors, with the rest of the building being the 30-story Residence Inn.

Curbed has documents that say the 'Marriott Central Park' building, as it's being called, will be completed by 2011, but can that really be possible?

The race for skyline supremacy begins!

[Photo: via Curbed ]

Archived Comments:

Good site to follow this project's progress


It is currently three pages and shows the design's progress over time and of the site's demolition status.

budget hotels in the sky

see, in theory this sounds nice...like ooo courtyard by marriott prices with mandarin oriental views but i often find that marriott hotels, even their budget brands, in NYC are just as expensive as boutique hotels.

so i fully expect rates at this hotel to be consistently around $350-$400, especially as hotels get more confidence to start bumping up hotel rates this year.

Courtyard? Residence Inn??


Views and NY!

Good for Marriott, interesting concept indeed and yes, great views for a budget price as they call it has to be a great thing isn't it?

Now, hopefully someone looks also no the inside and thinks hard about innovation for guests and delivers not only views but also great rooms in the sky, this would be something we all would look up to!

Really good to great hotels in NY will never be really cheap or even hot affordable, however judging on the quality and caliber for hotels in NY there is a good reason why some so expensive and the rest simply charge that much, because they can!

Kudos to Marriott and this project, lately America had not many such visionary developments which include fantastic heights, hope is there, will we be seeing the highest hotel in the world back in America, maybe....

This is an interesting concept, we will see and wait what this hotel x2 will offer to the guest incl. restaurants, spa, pool maybe...in Asia, many Courtyards are already of a high standard. Often I hear from people that the American Courtyards are not the same high standard, but with such a high-grade development I am pretty sure Marriott builds some innovation and upscale amenities in incl. yes, that roof-top bar!

Cheers to Marriott!