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Holla'! Tune Hotels is Doing Away With The Room Administration Fee

January 5, 2011 at 11:16 AM | by | ()

For being the hotel snobs that we are, we actually dig the "no frills" concept of Tune Hotels. And despite having a room that was only slightly larger than a sleeper cabin on a train, we really enjoyed our stay at the Tune Hotel Westminster in London. The price was right and the room was rather cozy.

But the one thing that did sort of irk us was all the add-ons that the hotel charges, mostly before you even get there.

However, Tune is finally doing away with one fee--the room administration fee. In conjunction/celebration of the new Tune Hotel Bintulu opening in Malaysia, Tune Hotel is dropping this fee across all 12 properties starting today. And you can thank Tune expansion for that.

As we open more hotels we experience better economies of scale and become more cost efficient. We eventually found the admin fee no longer relevant and are delighted to be in a position to pass on the savings to our guests,” said Tune Hotels Group CEO Mark Lankester.

We actually didn't have an admin room fee for our room in London, or not that we can see on our bill, so we assume this is better news for the Malaysia properties. But still, it's good news all around.

Now Tune, when are you coming to New York?

Archived Comments:

Tune and others!

When is a hotel a hotel?
Since when do people really believe that Tune and Co. are really that cheap and great?

As someone who loves a great concept in hotels incl. design, location, price, value and feel for a place / destination plus service innovation, I must confess that such hotel brands like Tune / Easy / Yotel do confuse me and their guest included!

Can such hotels be really called hotels? This is something I have long thought about over the years in enjoying many diverse hotels incl. the Yotel in London LHR Heathrow Airport.

Money is not everything and judging on the so called innovation they offer, many things do not work out, incl. to few spaces for everything incl. for the guests. But then what do guests expect? Not a hotel!!