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The Eccleston Square Hotel's Peekaboo Bathrooms Will Have an 'Off' Button

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January 4, 2011 at 9:33 AM | by | ()

What’s this? A hotel sticking to its planned opening date? It sure is!

The Eccleston Square Hotel, also known as the “007” hotel, is now taking bookings for May 2011. And it appears the hotel will have the most advanced in-room technology of any hotel in London.

Last month we showed you the renderings and now a video has emerged on the hotel's website. We were originally unsure of the peek-a-boo bathrooms but it turns out the rooms will actually have glass that turns opaque at the touch of a button. Very cool.

Each of the 40 rooms will have a single control pad for all of the room features, not just the peekaboo bath which will control the curtains, the TV, lighting and the room's own soundtrack. Seriously, you don't have to leave the bed. Unless of course you need to use the bathroom.

The hotel also promises "super fast" WiFi (Not sure if it's free though), voice over IP, mirror TVs in the bathrooms, oversized rain showers, L'Occitane toiletries, and those 3DTVs and £12,000 Hasten beds we keep hearing about.

The hotel has also released details of it's bar and restaurant which will serve modern-European menus created by Malmaison Executive Chef Keith Shearer. There will also be traditional English high tea served everyday.

Room rates will start at £250. Book online now or follow the hotel's silent twitter feed to keep up-to-date with developments. (Not.)

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The Eccleston Square Hotel

I took a look at the website and video, the hotel is certainly interesting for some of our cliets. If the hotel is known as the 007 hotel, would the music from a james bond theme been more appropriate?

Eccleston Square Hotel

Hello Hotel Chatter & Readers, thank you for writing about Eccleston Square Hotel, I'm pleased to confirm that our super fast internet access via fixed or WiFi is complimentary and your international IP calls will be at cost and complimentary for London.

Eccleston Square Hotel

Hi Hotel Chatter & Followers, Thanks again for the great review on the hotel.  I look after the Sales & Marketing for Eccleston Square Hotel and just wanted to let you know that our ESquare Twitter and Facebook Page is still in development but should be going live by the end of the week.  So keep an eye out...We will be silent no longer! ;-) To keep up to date with the latest developments on the hotel take a look at our blog site www.ecclestonsquarehotel.com