Haggling, Gossiping, Fear-Mongering and Of Course, Bed Bugs (Just Another Week in Comments!)

January 7, 2011 at 4:50 PM | by | ()

We don't like to be the only ones talking hotels here on HotelChatter but thankfully, some of our readers have been dropping in some helpful comments as of late and we thought you should see some of 'em. Wanna join the discussion? Sign up and become a member. Or use your Facebook account to log-in. And don't forget to follow HotelChatter on Twitter.

· The W Seattle might be grungy in more ways than one.
· A front desk agent tells us what he'd do if you haggle him for a better rate.
· Sorry. We didn't think you would get so upset about our warning about check-in at The Bellagio. We're sure that thing is totally secure. Then again, Vegas is cutting costs these days.
· Still looking for a room for Super Bowl XV? Hotels are letting us know their availability. As always book now!
· There is still no love for the much-hyped but totally dead in the water CityStay Hotels.
· Shame on the Gansevoort Park's management company for leaking Justin Bieber's hotel alias.

Archived Comments:

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