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Is The Skirvin Hilton and Its Crying Baby Really the Only Option in Oklahoma City?

Where: One Park Avenue [map], Oklahoma City, OK, United States, 73102
January 4, 2011 at 1:56 PM | by | ()

Lest we get carried away by new hotels and fun in-room amenities, let's revisit the scary side of hotels for a hot minute. Because we all need a downer to start of the New Year, right? (Ugh.)

Barb Delollis at USA Today picked up on ESPN Columnist Bill Simmon's recent stay at the haunted Skirvin Hilton in Oklahoma City. You know the hotel that last year's Knicks blamed for a poor performance when playing The OKC Thunder.

When Simmons was in town, he actually asked to stay on one of the hotel's haunted floors but didn't really expect to get spooked. Then the Skirvin Crying Baby made an appearance. He writes:

I decided to turn on the light. Stretching to my right for the switch, out of nowhere, I heard the sound of (what sure as hell sounded like) a baby crying urgently to my far left (right near the window). Wahhhhhhh. Wahhhhhh. Wahhhhhh. Wahhhhhhh. The urgency freaked me out just as much as the crying itself.

I fumbled for the switch, couldn't find it, fumbled, fumbled some more, then finally turned the light on. The crying sound stopped. I hopped out of bed and turned on every other light in the room. I turned on the television and jacked up the volume. Then I grabbed my BlackBerry and Googled "Skirvin crying baby. A slew of results came up."

The story behind the Skirvin Crying Baby is that a hotel employee named Effie had an affair with hotel founder W.B. Skirvin back in the 1930s which resulted in a child. But Skirvin kept Effie locked up in the hotel to hide her and the baby away from the public. Finally, Effie couldn't take the seclusion anymore so jumped out the window with the baby in her arms. And folks can still hear the baby screaming to this day.

Ok so the Skirvin Hilton is haunted. We get it. But what we don't get is why do NBA teams stay at The Skirvin when it is proven to be haunted? Are there no other options in Oklahoma City for ballers?

As it turns out, yes, the options are rather scarce. There's a Hyatt Place near the airport and a Renaissance Hotel near the convention center along with a myriad of budget hotels like Holiday Inn, Residence Inn, Best Western and Hampton Inn dotted throughout the area.

However, there is a luxury boutique hotel called the Colcord Hotel that looks nice. Not sure if they have the capacity for a visiting basketball team but we think it's worth a try. Anything to avoid the scary Skirvin crying baby.

Got any better hotel suggestions for ballers and regular folk visiting Oklahoma City? Let us know in comments below!

Archived Comments:

okay scary

Ghost babies almost scare me more than normal ghosts. DO NOT WANT.

The Downtown OKC Sheraton

You mentioned the Renaissance Hotel, but what about the Sheraton? It's right across the street from the Cox Convention center. You suggested budget places, and completely forgot to mention one of the nicest hotels in Okc! Oh, and no ghosts of any kind! The Sheraton is the best choice in downtown Okc!