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The Bathrobes at the Colony Palms Will Put You In the Mood For Morocco

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  Site Where: 572 N Indian Canyon Drive [map], Palm Springs, CA, United States, 92262
February 1, 2011 at 9:01 AM | by | ()

One of the main things that makes us feel all snuggly in a hotel room, company and merlot aside? A good bathrobe. And, being bathrobe geeks, there are several categories we judge our robes on – from texture (not too soft but not too scratchy) and absorbency (should dry without getting wet itself) to length (too short, it’s cold and indecent, too long it’s like a shroud) and overall pleasantness of appearance. When all these things converge, it’s the matrix for toweling heaven.

Recently, we stayed at The Colony Palms hotel in Palm Springs, and although the bathrobes weren’t as fancy as some of this lot, we were very taken by them. Mainly because they did the stuff in terms of practicalities, and then accessorized with little white hoods.

Now, we hear what you’re saying (in fact, someone said it at the time when we tweeted it. White hoods sound dodge, right? Rest assured, these don’t – in fact, watching this guy traipse about the pool, we were more mindful of a Moroccan djellaba than of anything KKK. And not only are they cute, but the hoods were unexpectedly helpful in the drying process. Who knew?

Generally, rates at the Colony Palms start at $199 plus tax, but we bagged our room through our beloved Hotwire for just $66. We’ll go beyond the bathrobes and tell you more about our stay another day.

Do you dig the stark simplicity of the white robes? Or do you prefer something more snazzy? Let us know your toweling preferences in comments below!

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