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The Roxbury's Amadeus' Bride Suite Tries to Rival the Palace of Versailles

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  Site Where: 2258 County Highway 41 [map], Roxbury, NY, United States, 12474
January 3, 2011 at 9:10 AM | by | ()

If you can't make it to Vegas or Versailles, an alternative is, um, Upstate New York's Catskills region. The Roxbury—no relation to that old Saturday Night Live skit, so no worries of bumping into Chris Kattan—offers a suite that meshes the Palace of Versailles' opulence with Vegas flash.

The Amadeus' Bride suite, inspired by the flick Amadeus, is done up with handmade 18k gold-leaf moldings, a wall of mirrors that tallies 27 reflective surfaces, a 200-pound Austrian crystal chandelier and ceilings of more than 20 feet tall.

Hovering near the ceiling there's a ginormous 19 x 12 commissioned painting of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's wife watching over the suite. There's also the "Tut Tub," a two-person bathtub surrounded by glittering gold and silhouette-patterned wallpaper in the bedrooms.

Amadeus' Bride was meant to be a bridal suite, but the two-bedroom space easily fits four to six people and makes more sense as a party pad. Granted, it'd be more of a shindig where you'd wear a corseted dress and Marie Antoinette wig.

The quirky Roxbury, which labels itself a boutique motel, offers a number of suites with vintage TV show (I Dream of Jeannie) or film (Austin Powers) themes. But if you want to live the high life, the Amadeus' Bride suite starts at $275 a night.

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