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Anti-Royal Wedding Hotels: Number Sixteen

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  Site Where: 16 Sumner Place, London, United Kingdom, SW7 3EG
January 28, 2011 at 2:06 PM | by | ()

Everyone's gone crazy over the impending royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton and London Hotels are doing their best to rile up crazed royal watchers. But Heidi Atwal is here this week telling you to JUST SAY NO to hotel packages built around the royal wedding and consider these alternatives instead.

With a Champagne Tea menu, exorbitant room rates (ranging from £130 for a Single Room to £290 for a Deluxe Room), private garden, mid-Victorian decor and posh South Kensington post code, you might assume that Number Sixteen was royally stuffy. Despite its luxurious trappings, there is something distinctly quirky about its accommodations, which bear something of a traditional British air but flauts tradition at the same time.

Number Sixteen is the most central of the anti-royal hotels we've featured thus far, just a skip away from Harrods and chi-chi Brompton Road lounges. In look and feel it's nouveau cool and, yes, a little nouveau riche, but with sunny splashes of color all about and playful statement pieces—a bark chandelier in one room, for instance—it's more inviting than other area lodgings.

Differentiating it from, say, your run-of-the-mill Four Seasons is a fresh take on English design—lots of whites and florals and wingback chairs set off against color-blocked curtains rather than heavy, chintzy tapestries. When weather allows (coughdoubtfulcough), you can relax in the private garden with a book, or sit in the conservatory instead.

One detriment to many boutique hotels is their lack of an on-site restaurant, but Number Sixteen does provide 24-hour eat-in room service, with a menu that's markedly more sophisticated than the overcooked eggs and soggy bacon other places of this size pass off as food. (Think endive salads and croque monsieurs instead.) Kensington wouldn't have it any other way.

Last we checked, there are still Double Rooms available on Royal Wedding Weekend. If you're traveling to London to experience the excited buzz that Will and Kate's nuptialAnti-Royal Wedding Hotels: Bethnal Green's Town Hall Hotel and Apartmentss are sure to drum up, this is a prime neighborhood to do so, as it allows for easy access to royal family-related landmarks.

But when it comes to surviving the crush of tourists sure to be elbowing for a prime vantage point of the festivities, well, even Number Sixteen's concierge service can't help you there.

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London hotels will really be crowed during the Royal wedding. I tried to book a room but everything is overbooked. I had given up coming to London for the wedding but after seeing this article I think I will reconsider my decision.