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America's 'Dirtiest Hotel' Already Trying to Clean Itself Up

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  Site Where: 3171 Parkway [map], Pigeon Forge, TN, United States, 37868
January 27, 2011 at 8:46 AM | by | ()

Your first clue that this is a dirty hotel is that they use a bedspread like this. The second is of course, the rip.

What, is this opposite day here? We're just not used to this sort of news. Apparently, America's dirtiest hotel, as determined by TripAdvisor, The Grand Resort Hotel & Convention Center in Pigeon Poop Forge, Tenn. has vowed to overhaul the property and has even taken immediate steps to do so.

CBS News reports:

CEO and General Manager Nicky Darrell Chaney said he has already fired one manager, hired a new maintenance manager and new head of housekeeping, and is in the process of using a new sanitizer to clean the rooms.

That's certainly very encouraging to hear although it's gonna take a lot more than sanitizer to clean those rooms (and fix the broken furniture and ripped bedspreads.)

Meanwhile, The Hotel Carter in New York is on the list YET AGAIN, this time at #4. If only the owners or managers of the Carter had the same sense of shame as the Grand Resort.

Rounding out the dirtiest list are the Atlantic Beach Hotel in Miami Beach for having dirty bedrooms, a Super 8 in Estes Park known for harboring mouse feces and an Econo Lodge near the Newark Airport which gave a guest bedbugs.

Surprisingly, The Jane Hotel just missed the cutoff.

[Photo: TripAdvisor]

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