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Anti-Royal Wedding Hotels: Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel and Apartments

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  Site Where: Patriot Square, London, United Kingdom, E2 9NF
January 26, 2011 at 2:01 PM | by | ()

Everyone's gone crazy over the impending royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton and London Hotels are doing their best to rile up crazed royal watchers. But Heidi Atwal is here this week telling you to JUST SAY NO to hotel packages built around the royal wedding and consider these alternatives instead.

In search of the antithesis of anything tinged with a mildly regal air, we can't seem to tear ourselves away from London's eclectic East End. No wonder: other areas of the city, particularly tourist-happy hubs in Central London, tend to be populated by standard chain fare and wildly overpriced as a result.

Bethnal Green's Town Hall Hotel & Apartments, while steeped in history (it is close to London's "medieval centre"), bears something of a traditional British air without being cold or alienating. There is something distinctly quirky about the former—you guessed it—town hall; a bit of old world charm colliding with East London's thriving creative energy.

Town Hall wears its historic roots with pride (see: the multi-page, novelic "About Us" section of their website), but peek inside and you'll feel like you've walked into a hypermodern wonderland, a safe haven for Scandinavian-style furniture and the like. While a stuffy royal might find novelty in staying at a place that oozes such an overtly cool air, its more likely that you'll run into guests who read MONOCLE in their spare time and attend more Brick Lane gallery openings than partake in afternoon tea.

On-site you'll find local foodie favorite Viajante, oft-celebrated by localvores and critics, pool, gym, bar, et cetera, but what we're more keen on is its location. Instead of the Southbank's Tate Modern, you get the Museum of Childhood nearby; instead of Borough Market, it's Broadway Market you can shop for gourmet farmer's market goods; and, while Viajante is a worthy dining option, we'd suggest going the way of Whitechapel to eat at Tayyabs for some of the best chops and samosas you'll ever sample—guaranteed.

Do you have to be an art dealer in town for a meeting at White Cube to stay at Bethnal Green Town Hall? Well, no, but it certainly couldn't hurt. And yes, Royal Wedding-o-philes, Double Bedrooms are available for that weekend in April at around £174.00 per night.

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