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Anti-Royal Wedding Hotels: The Shoreditch

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Everyone's gone crazy over the impending royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton and London Hotels are doing their best to rile up crazed royal watchers. But Heidi Atwal is here this week telling you to JUST SAY NO to hotel packages built around the royal wedding and consider these alternatives instead.

Soho House enjoys a revered reputation among the luxury-seeking set, particularly those belonging to the group's Membership Committee-approved coterie. (Viewers of Sex and the City may remember the New York outpost prominently featured in one episode.)

Soho House dabbles in more than just elite-access clubs, however, having expanded their upscale empire to include a natural beauty line and handful of restaurants. At one such eatery, the Gwyneth Paltrow vaunted Pizza East*, Shoreditch Rooms is gently advertised to discerning diners via take-away postcards. The smallish London hotel outfit is operated by the good people of SH, joining their family of urban lodging alternatives.

Amazingly enough, checking Shoreditch Rooms' website reveals that accommodations are still available leading up to and on the weekend of the Royal Wedding. But, then again, we highly doubt the Wills-hungry crowd would consider venturing the way of Rough Trade records and Brick Lane if they intend to visit London specifically to witness the splashy nuptial rites.

Bearing Soho House's sleek signature flourish, suites at Shoreditch Rooms are unfussy, absent of heavy tapestries, candelabras, tassel detailing and other touchstones of opulent British decor. While members of Soho Houses worldwide may fancy themselves VIPs to some degree, they're certainly not of a turgid royal persuasion. Think savvy tastemakers, not old money traditionalists. In fact, rooms at Shoreditch house are relatively modest, coming in three sizes: Tiny, Small, and Small + (£85-125/night). Goldilocks-tested, hipster-approved.

It may be anti-royal, but this isn't an anti-view

An added perk to staying at Shoreditch Rooms is access to all Members Only facilities, rooftop pool and gym included. From a borrower's bookshelf in the lobby, meanwhile, you can nick a few jelly beans for snacking, and the saucy rumor mill tells us there are sex toys on display as well. If that isn't anti-royal, we don't know what is.

*Some of the best wood-fired pizza we've had in London; be sure to stop here if you park yourself in Shoreditch House's polished surroundings.

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