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The Chateau Marmont Gets Stars in Trouble After the Golden Globes

January 18, 2011 at 9:16 AM | by | ()

The legend says that if you want to get into trouble then you go to The Chateau Marmont but the other night after the Golden Globes, the hotel proved to be troublesome for several stars and the paparazzi was on hand to catch it all.

First up, "Boardwalk Empires'" Paz La Huerta gave an incredible performance outside the hotel. After being denied entrance to a GQ party, she collapsed and brought down the guy who had been holding her up...and her dress. Yowza.

Later on, "Spiderman" and "Social Network" star Andrew Garfield looked unable to manage the steep hill outside the hotel as did Jennifer Love Hewitt's boyfriend. Hmm...maybe those stars should have booked a room instead?

Meanwhile, swag suites are back!

The WSJ reports on the "useless" swag suite at The London West Hollywood held in the days before the Golden Globes where celebs picked up freebies such as alcohol-infused whipped cream, omega-3 supplements, women's pajamas made from bamboo and body-bag sized black duffel bags.

At The Sofitel, Access Hollywood sponsored a swag suite which featured Slim-Fast shakes and meal replacement bars while another gifting suite across the way from Willy Wonka gave out a year's supply of Nerds and chocolates.

As far as after parties, the Beverly Hilton hosted a slew of them from the big HBO bash around the pool to the InStyle/Warner Bros. party over another pool (where Godiva chocs are given away); the NBC Universal/Focus Features Party, on the roof of the hotel's parking garage and the Trader Vic's bar where Relativity and the Weinstein Co. partnered up with Marie Claire to fete "The Fighter" and "The King's Speech."

Funny, you'd think more people would have a problem walking out of this place than the Chateau? Maybe that hill is to blame after all. Oh well, celebs and hotels better get ready to do it all over again next month when the Oscars roll around again.

[Photo: Daily Mail]

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