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Once Again, The Beverly Hilton Glitters with The Golden Globes (But About The Rug...)

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January 17, 2011 at 3:01 PM | by | ()

Last night's Golden Globes Awards gave us plenty to talk about--Ricky Gervais' dig at closeted Scientologists, "The Fighter" Melissa Leo's rambling thank you acceptance speech, Natalie Portman's awkward laugh after joking about how her fiancee really does want to sleep with her, Robert DeNiro's "joke" about deporting illegal immigrants and of course, all the best and worst in red carpet fashion.

The award show also gave us yet another glimpse at the International Ballroom inside The Beverly Hilton. While last year we wondered whether or not the hotel had some, erm, not-so-pretty carpeting, this year a Beverly Hilton hotel rep emailed us some background on the design:

To note, the carpet is iconic to our history. Conrad Hilton opened the hotel in 1955 displaying a sculpture of our icon, a STARBURST at the front of the International Ballroom. Today, the STARBURST sits inside the world-famous International Ballroom where Hollywood’s elite meet weekly.

If the hotel had a fugly carpet that would be ordinary and The Beverly Hilton is extraordinary. Events at The Beverly Hilton aren’t everyday productions, they are world-wide affairs such as the Golden Globes, Oscar Nominations Lunch, and the Pre-Grammy Party.

And the Starburst apparently escaped Ricky Gervais' attention which we'll take as a good sign.

Want to know what it's like spending the night at the Beverly Hilton? Read our review here. Don't forget to admire the photographs while you're parking your car. But just make sure you bring some cash.

[Photos: Daily Mail and Beverly Hilton]

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