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HotelChatter's 2011 Caribbean Hotel Guide

January 18, 2011 at 2:50 PM | by | ()

The Caribbean islands are the go-to warm weather escape with a near year-round sunny scene. Folks from Denver to Duluth weep with happiness at this fact, especially when it’s time to escape the cold. But choosing one out of the region’s 7,000 countries is tough to narrow down. Luckily we’ve done some footwork for you.

Yes, we've updated our annual HotelChatter Caribbean Hotel Guide. All you have to do is pick your vacation personality below and chances are, one of these hotels is the right fit.

HotelChatter's Guide to Caribbean Hotels

YUPPIE: This year, hard-working professionals have upgraded from kindles to iPads but the relaxation requirements remain unchanged.
HIPPIE: Anti-resorts where picking your own fruit is not just a fun activity but how you really get breakfast everyday.
PAPARAZZI: Money is no object if it means swimming in the turquoise waters with a tabloid staple.
LUXE: Because sometimes you want someone to just do all the work for you instead.
FAMILY: The key amenity here is Kids Clubs.

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