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Amy Winehouse Has Still Got It (The Knack for Odd Hotel Behavior, That Is)

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January 13, 2011 at 3:44 PM | by | ()

Last year at this time troubled but talented Amy Winehouse was doing a risque hotel balcony dance down in St. Lucia at the LeSport Resort and Spa. She was also spotted at the resort "begging for booze, draping herself over male employees, swearing like a sailor and smoking joints in the open.

This year, she's taken the act to Brazil to the Hotel Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro where rooms cost about $1,200 a night. Winehouse was spotted lounging around the pool in a bikini, jean cut-offs and some mysterious bruises. The Daily Mail is furiously investigating how this could have happened:

Looking suspiciously like a drunken sort of injury that one wakes up to after a boozy night out, the bruises stood out a mile as Amy chatted to her security guards at her hotel.

Or not.

The Santa Teresa is actually one of the three French boutique hotels our Rio de Janeiro expert Scott Mitchem recommended everyone try back in September.

The 44 guestrooms and suites are an elegant mix of Brazilian design elements, assembled by [owner François] Delort himself with surprising skill. Likewise at the celebrated restaurant Térèze, and it’s outdoor lounge Bar dos Descasados, a local favorite for sunset cocktails. The spa is Rio’s finest, the complimentary access to the pool and lush grounds putting it over the top. It all adds up to an experience unlike any other in the city. For those who simply must stay on the beach, wrapping-up a trip with a night or two here is well-worth repacking.

So can we safely say Amy Winehouse reads HotelChatter for hotel recommendations?

[Photo: The Daily Mail]

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