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B Ocean Hotel Won't B Opening In Fort Lauderdale Until January 24

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  Site Where: Sunrise Boulevard and A1A [map], Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
January 11, 2011 at 10:01 AM | by | ()

If your winter getaway plans went down the toilet with the Snowpocalypse in December, just think: you still have a few more months of miserably cold weather, ice and snow to contend with. But don't worry, B happy! The B Ocean Hotel on A1A in Fort Lauderdale is now opening on January 24, giving snowbirds something to look forward to.

As we've mentioned here before, the hotel's B-randing gets old fast--and it hasn't even opened yet!--but if we can get take a deep breath and get past all of that, we think there's a pretty darn good hotel here.

It is right on the beach, after all, and the rooms look simple and comfortable from what we can see in this photo. The opening rates aren't bad, either. 'Captivating Kings' and 'Captivating Doubles' start at $254 on the 24th, but this represents 15–25% off the regular rates and is only available for a limited time.

We have to admit: we're curious about this brand, and wonder if and where they'll expand to once B Ocean is up and running. Let's look at the hotel's website for clues ...

Could it B....

Or maybe even ...

Archived Comments:

Not on the beach

This is not 'right on the beach'. It is across the street, which just happens to be four lanes of traffic and an extremely busy junction.

B Boring....

I am very underwhelmed by the first few photos I am seeing of this property. Weren't these guys supposed to compete with W? Having a catchy name and decent advertising doesn't really make you cutting edge or even trendy. Looks like a renovated Holiday Inn.

not to mention

that room photo is photoshopped to the max! it looks like that view is from a different day entirely. maybe even a different vantage point too.

i agree with CBBerg: am not impressed by this at all. plus a hotel that is just weeks away from opening should have much better room photos on hand.

Room photo update

An update from B Hotels VP of Brand Marketing, Chris Tompkins regarding the room photo above:

The actual room photo that is currently displayed on our collateral has not been `photo shopped to the max,' quite on the contrary.  It is a real photo of our showroom including the actual view.

Word is B hotels is doing a photoshoot with the rooms tomorrow. Hopefully we'll get to see these snaps soon!

No payment of construction workers

This is the worst hotel that u can go besides the fact that they dont pay to the people that work in the remodelation of the hotel is that the building has a lot of violations of construction codes that building is not safe for people is a FIRE TRAP doesn't count with battery back up lights in hallways and stairwells wich is required is a building with asbestos present in the actual structure the service elevator is not working on the 9 floor and i can continue this hotel is not safe