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What Do Charlie Sheen, Justin Bieber and 'Golden Voice' Ted Williams Have in Common?

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January 11, 2011 at 11:46 AM | by | ()

They are all up to no good at hotels!

Let's start with The Man with the Golden Voice first. After a life-changing week last week that started with him homeless on the streets of Cleveland and ended with several job offers and a luxury room at the Jumeirah Essex House, Ted Williams was detained by police at the Renaissance Hollywood last night.

The LA Times reports that police were called to the hotel for a disturbance. When they arrived, they found Ted and an "unidentified family member" who had been in a heated argument. (The Gossip Cop says it was one of Ted's daughters.) Maybe they were arguing over who would pay for valet at the hotel which runs up to $29 a night.

Both were taken to the Hollywood police station where they were questioned and released. No one was arrested and no charges were filed. But still...this does not bode well for Ted. Someone get him back to Cleveland fast!

And in other celebrity news, Charlie Sheen has been holed up with porn stars at the The Palms Resort in Las Vegas. Finally, he's picked an appropriate place to stay!

Lastly, shield your eyes Justin Bieber fans--he was caught making out with a girl behind the Four Seasons Toronto a few months back. Eeek! He's since moved onto the BodyHoliday LeSport Resort in St. Lucia where he's been windsurfing. No word if Yoko Selena Gomez is with him.

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common thing

That's the thing that is common to both three of them, trouble in hotels. That does add though to popularity advantage of the hotels but does give some negative look upon them for the people who are thinking of getting their selves too to be wound up at the same place. Williams, the "Man with the Golden Voice", Bieber and Sheen should be very careful of acts that they exhibits in this kind of public places.