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Where Katy Perry Had Tea in London

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September 3, 2010 at 10:26 AM | by | ()

(Confession: We considered titling this post, THIS IS WHAT KATY PERRY ATE YESTERDAY.)

We told you that the stars aligned yesterday when we showed up at The Claridge's Hotel in London for a 3:30pm tea date only to find Katy Perry doing the same thing with her friends. Unfortunately, we weren't able to snap a picture of her without being too fangurl obvious but we were able to snap some lovely shots of the tea service as well as capture some video of the room.

Tea time at Claridge's is delightful with over 30 teas offered and served with delicious finger sandwiches (egg, salmon, cucumber, chicken) and pastries and scones (actually, the scones were a bit dry.) But it is by no means formal. People were wearing jeans, summer dresses and open-toed shoes (ourselves included.) To be honest, we were relieved about the smart casual dress code since well, you know, we forgot our white gloves at home.

However, there were two people dressed formally--the room's pianist and cellist who played jaunty uplifting tunes. We prayed they would break out in a classical rendition of "I Kissed a Girl" or "Teenage Dream" but no such luck.

In the Mayfair neighborhood and want to stop in for tea? Tea times are at 3, 3:30, 5 and 5:30pm. Reservations are encouraged and the price starts at £35 per person. Pop star sightings not guaranteed.

Disclosure: Our tea time was compliments of the hotel.

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