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We Went Inside the Diane Von Furstenberg Suite at Claridge's (And Didn't Want to Come Out)

Where: 49 Brook Street, London, United Kingdom, W1A 2JQ
September 29, 2010 at 12:28 PM | by | ()

You probably recall how utterly obsessed we were with the Diane von Furstenberg Suite at Claridge's. If we had been living in London back in June, we would have camped out on Brook Street begging for a peek inside.

So when we had the chance earlier this month to do tea with our friend Katy Perry at the hotel, we couldn't resist asking for a little tour. And now that we've seen this suite in person, we're adding it to the top of our personal hotel bucket list--Suites to Die In. Like, literally, suites where we would like to take our last breaths. (More on that coming soon.)

As we mentioned when we first got our hands on some room photos, the two-bedroom Piano Suite (and the 20 or so other rooms DVF will eventually roll out for Claridge's) is a perfect fit for people who love bright colors and prints. But now that we've seen these rooms up close and personal, it's also for anyone who loves luxury and technology.

The materials and fabrics found in the rooms are not only eye-catching (we love the leopard hallway runner) but their soft textures allow them to be lounged upon. This is not one of those stuffy classical French suites that look as if it might cost extra to lay down on the couch. (That's not to say we encourage you to put your feet up on the table with a bottle of red wine but certainly you, your iPad and your cashmere slippers are welcome to.)

Similarly, the suite is tricked out with some of the latest room technology like a flat-screen TV that rises from the foot of the master bed and a high-tech toilet that comes with a remote control. Why you need a remote control for the toilet is beyond us but that is what luxury is all about--things you did not need but wanted to have anyways. Plus it could make for an interesting parlor game with some friends, no?

Currently, there are only three DVF rooms done--the Piano Suite, the Junior Suite and a standard room. There are definite plans in the works to do up more of the rooms in DVF's personal style but they probably will not be finished until next year.

Suffice to say, we heart these rooms for the way they look but also because they give Claridge's a much-needed dose of modern elegance. The hotel still has a very old-school luxury hotel feel about it (for instance, the lobby bathrooms are charming but a bit too floral with a fussy feel) which some people do prefer but we think Claridge's was ready for something new.

While the rest of the guestrooms at Claridge's are done in a modern style (no florals here!) they don't quite have the brightness that the DVF rooms give-off. Hopefully, Diane's touch will work its way throughout the rest of the hotel. Or at the very least, maybe they could put those DVF bathrobes in all the guestrooms?

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