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Where Will Virgin Hotels Open First?

September 22, 2010 at 10:10 AM | by | ()

Yesterday we were practically jumping for joy when we found out that Virgin Hotels had finally launched a website meaning that a hotel opening is in the very near future. Tingles!

The hotels will be inspired by the cool Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses aka airport lounges and according to Sir Richard Branson, they will be "the hippest most comfortable new hotel in any city. Anyone's who anybody will know to go there."

Even better for us Yanks, Virgin Hotels has their eyes set on Virginizing North America first instead of the UK. The list of cities put forth are the following:

· New York
· Miami
· San Francisco
· Los Angeles
· Washington, DC
· Boston

As we mentioned yesterday, Virgin's airline, Virgin America, flies to all of these places (technically FLA instead of MIA but that's close enough.) While every hotel brand and their mother looks to open in NYC first, Virgin America is based in Northern California so San Fran could be a very real first location for Virgin Hotels.

Miami is also a hot market but we think anywhere that's cool in Miami (i.e. South Beach) could be a PITA to build thanks to strict Art Deco preservation rules. Los Angeles could even emerge as a first location since Virgin is all about cultivating relationships with Hollywood (didn't you catch Branson and his twins on "Entourage" the other week?) Boston and DC are nice thoughts but they usually come after a big NYC-LA-Miami opening.

Now, those are just our musings on where we think Virgin Hotels could open first and your guess is as good as any. Sooo step right up and place your bets on where you think Virgin Hotels will open first. Put your guesses in comments below! Who knows, maybe you could win something for it? Wink. Wink.

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Just a guess...

im leaning that way too

god knows there are a ton of hotels in union square that can be overhauled and done up in Virgin style. but part of me knows i can't rule out NYC either. of course, i would be siked beyond belief if it were in LA. think of all the drive-bys i could do!

mmiddle east

i hope it open in mmiddle east soon:)
may frist hotel lol