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Inside the Tune Hotel Westminster in London

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  Site Where: 118-120 Westminster Bridge Road, London, United Kingdom, SE1 7RW
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So it wasn't too hard to guess yesterday's hotel snapshot but for those of you who are reading this after the Labor Day Weekend who couldn't get it, allow us to take you inside The Tune Hotel Westminster.

Yes, HotelChatter managed to land in London just two days after the hotel's official opening. Thus we expected lots of fanfare and excitement on the property when we arrived. But when our friend dropped us off at 11pm at night, we had a drunk man carrying an open beer can accost us for money.

Nevertheless we scurried inside as fast as we could to check-in. Actually to be precise, we tried to open the door but you need a key to get in. Fortunately, another hotel guest was right behind us and was able to let us in. (You can also ring the front desk to let you in.)

Check In: Check-in was easy. We gave the good-looking, bubbly girl our confirmation number (given to you at the time of online booking) and then she handed over our add-ons--toiletries and a towel--in a white paper Tune bag. Fun!

Not so fun? Learning the lift was broken and that we would have to walk up three flights of stairs. Again, fortunately, a good-looking young man who also worked there was able to carry-up our luggage.

Room Reaction: A commenter yesterday mentioned that if we tripped into the room and banged our head on the window then we were definitely staying at a Tune Hotel. Tripped, yes but the window was on the far side of the room and was actually quite lovely--we were expecting a porthole looking out into an alley.

The room is incredibly small yet everything is somehow just where you need it. There are light switches and an outlet above and across the bed, making it easy to charge your gadgets (and work from bed!) You just have to plug your key card into a slot by the door to turn on the room.)

There's a flat-screen TV on the wall (that costs extra to use though), a mirror with a few hangers, two shelves (one of which contains the hairdryer, which also costs extra) and plenty of storage space under the bed. Speaking of the bed, it was big and comfy with clean and fluffy white sheets.

The bathroom is also tiny and it is not unlike the bathrooms in a train's sleeper cabins. But it did the job and was clean.

Amenity Madness: More like Amenity Sadness. Tune Hotels offers a toilet and a bed. Everything else will cost you extra. These are things that you must book online before you get to the hotel. Although, when you get there and you decide that yes, you'd like to watch TV after all, you can pay for them at the front desk.

Hint: The bathroom does come with one small little towel, sort of like a bathmat size. If you don't plan on showering you could probably get away with using that.

Internet Connect: Again, this is something you add-on at the time of online booking. We picked the ₤3 for 24-hours plan which is a good deal given that this is London, a notorious sinner when it comes to hotel WiFi. The connection was a little slow and we couldn't download all of our email, then our laptop battery died.

Service: We were grateful for the crew at check-in who helped us with our luggage but when we walked downstairs to ask about a power converter, they told us they did not have one. Seeing that it was close to midnight and that Tune's vending machine did not include gadgets, we trekked back upstairs and decided we would have to do without our computer for a night.

Location, Location, Location: We initially thought the neighborhood was dodgy, thanks to the drunk man but during the day, it seemed perfectly safe. The hotel is just a short walk from the Westminster Bridge and it is absolutely gorgeous--on a late summer day. The winter might be rough.

It's also a short walk from the Park Plaza hotel, which is where we dragged our luggage to get a black taxi. For some reason, we could not hail one in front of the hotel. Maybe it's because it's right across from a cross walk and intersection, not a place where taxis can easily drop off/pick-up.

Elsewhere in the nabe, there's a Spar convenience store, a wine shop and a cute-looking sandwich shop about a block to the right of the hotel. But most importantly, the Horse Pub is next door so you can get a drink and "fresh authentic Thai food" easily.

Bottom Line: The room rate was ₤55 but we added on internet for ₤3 and toiletries + towel for ₤1.50. Overall, with taxes, it was an astonishing 59.50 pounds--or $91.68. A great deal for London. Considering what we recently got at the Jane Hotel in NYC for $105, this was Hotel Budget Heaven!

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Yeahhh it's nice and clean and new, but I still dont know if I'd pay just under $100 for it. I paid like 110 for a small room at Dean Street Townhouse when that opened, and I always look for deals like that. Or you know, $80 a night if you Priceline it and are okay with the marriott.

Tune Hotel Room Prices

I just read a review by a guest who paid £65 for a room - almost twice the price of the headline room rate - http://www.guest-travel-writers.com/tune-hotel-westminster-london/ which is a bit cheeky!