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A New Hyatt Hotel Will Open at 48th and Lex But What Kind of Hyatt Will It Be?

September 16, 2010 at 10:07 AM | by | ()

While a Park Hyatt is rising over Central Park, it looks like another Hyatt Hotel will be happening at 48th and Lexington, just blocks away from the Grand Hyatt at Grand Central Station.

We spied this job listing for a general manager for "Hyatt48Lex" but there is still no website for the hotel yet. However, Hersha Hospitality has been teasing the hotel world with this property for a while now, saying it will have 116 luxury suites, and high-end retailers in the ground-level space. We've also heard that this hotel will have a rather lively food and beverage component with possibly a celeb chef.

Hmmm...this is all starting to sound rather Andazy, isn't it? Could this actually be another Andaz for NYC, making it the third one total? Or is this a completely new breed of Hyatt?

What do you know about the new Hyatt at 48 and Lex? Give us the scoop!!

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