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Is The Ritz-Carlton Rewards Program Worth It? You Tell Us

September 15, 2010 at 8:48 AM | by | ()

Yesterday Ritz-Carlton unveiled their first-ever loyalty program for guests called, Ritz-Carlton Rewards. It's only been a day but so far the reaction to the big news has been mixed.

Ritz-Carlton, obviously, thinks it's a great incentive for their loyal guests while savvy loyalty program joiners think the program might not be worth it, especially since you can't be a member of both Marriott and Ritz-Carlton Rewards (although Ritz members can earn points at Marriott and vice-versa.) We're also a little dismayed to see that free internet under the Ritz Rewards program is only offered to platinum (75 night stays) and gold elite members (50 night stays).

Finally, a few others wonder why Ritz finally decided to offer a program after years of vowing not to. (The Wall Street Journal even wrote yesterday that Ritz would be joining "lowly sandwich shops" with the introduction of their loyalty program.) Nevertheless, Ritz-Carlton Rewards is here to stay and enrollment in the program is now officially live today at RitzCarltonRewards.com.

Enrolling is easy and painless. Enter your information, create a password and voila! You are a Ritz-Carlton Rewards member and you can print out a copy of your "card."

Going through the site there is plenty of information about the program, its benefits (no Black-Out Days), its restrictions and its partners. Ritz Rewards has even posted its first "promotion"--stay two nights at a Ritz-Carlton before December 31 and you will earn a complimentary stay. That's pretty easy.

And since, thankfully, not all room rates at Ritz-Carltons are equal you may be able to get a decent rate for those two nights (by decent we mean, under $350). Still, we're not ready to rule Yay or Nay on this program yet. We'll be following it closely but you can do your part and share your Ritz-Carlton Rewards experiences with us in comments below!

Whether you are staying at a Ritz tomorrow or in six months or even six years ago, we want to hear your thoughts on the Ritz-Carlton experience. So drop in your comments below! Got a more detailed experience or a question you need answered? Email it!

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