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In the Very Near Future, We Will Be Staying in Non-Fugly Sheraton Hotel Rooms

September 14, 2010 at 11:24 AM | by | ()

Sheraton's new Revival guestrooms.

While Sheraton Hotels may have been our family's hotel brand of choice back in the 80s, in our adult years we've tended to avoid the sad Sheratons in favor of trendier, smaller boutique hotels. But as of late, Sheraton has been actively pursuing a newer hipper look, probably to change the perceptions of people like us.

Last fall, we checked out an example of the brand's rebranding in Boston and while there was an influx of new, there were still a few old things banging about (like an old telephone with a cord.) In short, we we weren't quite chomping at the bit to book a Sheraton. But that could now change.

Sheraton, along with sister brand, Westin Hotels, is going one step further by unveiling a completely new room design. Hotel World Network has an in-depth article on the new room designs which we suggest you read but allow us to dish on the bits that got us a little horny:

· Sheraton will have two design schemes--Revival and Heritage. The former will be a return to Regency style ("think old Jean Harlow films and multifunctional furniture") while the latter will be a darker room with a flowing herringbone motif.

· Sheratons' Revival scheme will also feature plenty outlets near the nightstand. Hallelujah!

· Westin's Classic rooms will be tweaked to include LED adjustable headlights by the beds, TVs that swivel on a console across from the beds or seating areas, upgraded closets with special slots and cubbies, stylish new artwork and the thing we're most excited for--accent tables with flip-out panels. So you can eat room service from bed by flipping out a panel in the nightstand. Our prayers have been answered!

· The redesign rooms are currently going into Sheraton and Westin hotels undergoing renovations. Any new builds will also get these new designs. But it looks like The Westin Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego will be the first hotel with these designs come early 2011. (Which hotels get which design will be up to the individual owners.)

· Starwood's designer of these rooms is Erin Hoover, VP of global brand design for Sheraton and Westin, who worked nine years for Giorgio Armani before delving into the hotel biz. So you know she's got some design class. And apparently, she designed a chair especially to please Hoyt Harper, senior VP of global brand management for Sheraton.

Can we just say how massively excited we are for the Sheraton redesign? Westin has always had rather decent and pleasant rooms (there are a few properties that fall short) but Sheraton has long-needed this upgrade. Could it be that one day in the near future we will be talking about Sheraton without mentioning the word fugly? It's a miracle!

We just hope they upgrade those telephones while they are at it. Oh and Sheraton? Feel free to peruse our list of 10 Annoying Hotel Room Designs.

What do you think of Sheraton's new look--pretty or pretty much the same? Dish it out in comments below!

Archived Comments:

definitely better

Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino exceeded my expectations.  I really thought it would be outdated and tacky, but it was much nicer and more modern than i thought it would be.  also more expensive.  Room service hamburger (which WAS delicious) was $27 with tax and gratuity.  Good for a one night stay in San Juan, enroute to the much better W Vieques Retreat and Spa.  

In general I wouldnt choose Sheratons except maybe in Kuwait where there is a good one and i would appreciate the comfort of an established brand.