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Guess The Brand-New Budget Hotel in the UK

September 2, 2010 at 8:26 AM | by | ()


Guess The Hotel goes across the pond today and inside a brand new budget hotel in a major city in the UK. As always the rules are the same--we drop some hints, you drop your guesses and we'll reveal the hotel tomorrow.

However, in this edition, we're keeping the details very vague because well, we think you might be able to figure this one out fast. Nevertheless, let's test your hotel knowledge!

· This hotel has the same sort of modern sensibility as a new airline where the stress is on budget prices, stylish but not luxurious design and a la carte services.
· The hotel is not as big as we thought it would be.
· This is by far the smallest hotel room we've ever stayed in. On the bright side, there is a big window.
· The X Factor show has come under fire for a controversial sound technique. If you know what it was, then you'll know which hotel this is.

Think you know what hotel this is? Put your guesses in comments below!

Archived Comments:

Tunes Hotel

So if you trip when you are walking through the door, do you bang your head on the window, its not really a small room unless you can...

Trip indeed

Definitely tripped when walking into this hotel room. Window, not so much.

Hotel is in London

Westminster to be precise. Tunes are doing their thing, and it is NOT Idols or any of those reality shows! This is REAL! Hehe!