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Guess What Luxury NYC Hotel May Have Bed Bugs?

September 1, 2010 at 3:31 PM | by | Comments (2)

If you think that paying $400+ per night for a luxury room in a New York City hotel means you don't have to share the pillow with bedbugs, then you're wrong. Not to make you super paranoid, but it's the truth; with a rash of recent bedbug infestations in everything from flagship retail stores to entire office floors, there's no guarantee that the little blood suckers aren't also in your hotel sheets.

Pop singer Lauren Hildebrandt tells USA Today that she recently emerged from a stay at a "luxury hotel in New York City's Union Square neighborhood" with bites on her body and now—even though we've never heard of her until this incident—she wants to become the voice that speak out for bedbug awareness.

Hildebrandt published a press release about the experience, and she won't reveal the name of the hotel "while the case is being investigated," but come one. There aren't many hotels in that neighborhood at all, especially if we're talking "luxury" ones. The closest would be the W Union Square, but since this singer isn't from New York, we're thinking it could also possibly include a little closer to the Gramercy Park area too, possibly involving the Gramercy Park Hotel.

The pop singer says that the hotel is being very good about the issue, bringing in special dogs and doing regular checks, but we're still grossed out. We're pretty sure we know what hotel is in question, but have you heard something we haven't? Let us know what hotel you think has got the bugs in the comments.

Comments (2)

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Not GPH!

I've heard from a reliable source--not Schrager, but close--that she did not stay at the GPH. My money is on W union square. They've had a few issues with their owners defaulting on loans and such. Maybe bed bug extermination got knocked off the budget too?

Yikes! Precautions should be taken by all...

I've been freaking out about staying at hotels ever again because of bedbugs, but as long as you know where to look you should be able to be pretty careful.

This article (with video) is pretty helpful: http://www.freebedbugadvice.com/how-to-check-for-bedbugs/

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