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Epoque Offers a New Loyalty Program for Boutique Hotels

August 9, 2010 at 9:16 AM | by | ()

Make bank by staying at places like Chicago's Hotel Sax.

Club Epoque may sound like the latest Hollywood all-night dance venue for hard-partying starlets like Lindsay Lohan, but it's actually the newest hotel loyalty program from the Epoque collection.

The way Club Epoque works is that for every stay at a member hotel, you'll earn 6 percent of the pre-tax room price to your bank. Once you accrue $50, you can start dipping into your bank and applying it directly to a reservation.

A few things: You start making bank when you check out of the hotel, not when you place your reservation. Also, you have to book your room through the Club Epoque website, not through the individual hotel sites.

There are other perks of club membership. You get free WiFi in all hotels, which alone is worth the free membership. It also enables you to check in early and check out late, and to transfer your bank to someone else, in case you're feeling charitable.

Epoque counts more than 300 boutique properties in its roster. Member hotels include the Kimberly Hotel in Manhattan and the Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles (which we recently named to our list of the sexiest hotels alive).

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