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Cusco's Fallen Angel has a Peekaboo Diorama Bathroom

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  Site Where: Plazoleta Nazarenas 221, Cusco, Peru
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While we were staying at the Casa Cartagena in Cusco last month, we popped over to the nearby Plazoleta Nazarenas to scope out Fallen Angel, a restaurant-lounge-guest house frequented by the city’s glitterati.

There, we fell under the spell of fancy finger foods and odd furnishings like a 10-foot sparkly angel sculpture, tables that are made from bathtubs converted into fish tanks with glass tabletops on them, and bathrooms that are categorized by “Angel” and “Devil” rather than by sex so that patrons can self-segregate depending on their mood that evening.

But the restaurant bathrooms have nothing on one of the restrooms we spotted upstairs in one of the four new, equally quirky guest rooms.

Each of Fallen Angel's four rooms has its own name and is designed according to a theme. By far, our favorite was Pasión (Passion), thanks to a completely exposed bathroom set behind a wall of sheet glass--kind of like a naughty diorama that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Everything in the room seems to be rose-red, from the walls to the dyed cowhide rug. There’s also a stainless steel chalet fireplace and a chaise lounge for some more … impromptu activities, when the sumptuous bed just won’t do.

But the most distinctive feature of the room is that bathroom, which runs along one entire wall. Not only are the toilet, shower and sink in plain view behind a wall of clear glass--they are even lit with accent spots and a huge chandelier hanging over them, reminding us of a really weird dollhouse bathroom.

Just to make it even odder, one wall is constructed to look like authentic Incan stone architecture, turning the space into a cross between a trendy hotel bathroom and a grade-school history project. Luckily there’s a thick red curtain to pull closed in front of the toilet for a little privacy. Very little.

We've definitely spent some time debating the merits of the peekaboo bathroom trend lately, but this definitely takes it over the top.

Apart from Pasión, the other rooms are called Fortaleza (Fortress), Libertad (Freedom), and Tranquilidad (Tranquility). Libertad also has a glassed-in bathroom--with a rocking-horse giraffe serving as a towel rack--but at least there’s a second-floor bedroom to provide some privacy.

Tranquilidad is the suite that Susan Sarandon and her son rented out for an evening dinner party one night when they were in Cusco last year. The eccentric furnishings include a weight bench and sculpture of a vintage bodybuilder, as well as a bathtub smack dab in the center of the room. You know, in case you get so sweaty from the weightlifting that you have to take a bath right then and there. The second floor of the suite is a simple loft bedroom that belies the offbeat charm of the rest of the room below.

Want to experience Pasión and its stagey bathroom yourself? Rates at Fallen Angel start at $280 per night.

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