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Boy Gets Sick After Finding Condom at Wyndham Garden Hotel in Atlanta

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UPDATEA commenter below pointed out that the hotel closed on August 16, just two weeks after this incident. The building will now house GSU students.

We know it's Thursday and you've probably had a rough week and hearing about the latest grossest thing found in a hotel room is not what you want to hear right now. But you are going to want to hear this story, if only to make sure that on your next hotel stay you triple-check that the room is clean.

A family staying at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Atlanta checked into the hotel late at night on Aug. 1 and noticed that the room didn't seem too clean. The AJC reports:

[Guest Carmen] Jones said she and her cousin checked into the 175 Piedmont Avenue hotel around 7 p.m. on July 31 after spending the day with their two grandchildren at Six Flags over Georgia. Jones said the hotel room was without soap, cups and enough towels.

Nevertheless, they were tired after a long day at the Six Flags amusement park and decided to go to sleep after requesting that soap and towels be brought to the room.

They then woke up to a horrifying site the next morning--Jones' 4-year-old grandson had allegedly found a used condom in the bedsheets and began playing with it, at one point putting it in his mouth.

Jones complained to the hotel who then gave her a free room, breakfast and a free trip to the Aquarium which was already included in the room rate. The little boy also got a dose of mouthwash. However, he later started to feel unwell and needed to go to the hospital, where he was tested for STDs.

While the family aggressive courts the media and is putting together a lawsuit, the hotel and the Wyndham company has not publicly commented on the scary situation. We're not sure how the hotel will ultimately handle this crisis but we sincerely hope the little boy has not contracted any STDs. From now on, we will be inspecting our bed sheets thoroughly.

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Wyndham Garden Atlanta

The Wyndham Garden mentioned in this article, as well as the adjacent Baymont Inn, closed on August 16. The hotels will be converted into housing for GSU students.


thats why the website was no longer working. thanks for the update!

Sounds suspicious

This was a VERY common claim that circulated around Las Vegas hotels for years.  A couple with a toddler awakens to find the kid chewing on a condom and the casino comps the whole trip plus gambling money/merchandise/show tickets/airfare, etc. to avoid a lawsuit and bad publicity.  Here you go for reference.  One couple's case, probably the first, made headlines, but there were COUNTLESS copycat scams.  The details of the latest claim in Atlanta seem very, very similar.  Not calling them liars, but strong potential for doubt.