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Vegas, As Seen Through The Pages Of M Magazine

August 24, 2010 at 11:46 AM | by | ()

iPads, be damned, we're loving our stroll through print land and our ongoing look at a dying hotel amenity--The Hotel Magazine. Sure, most hotels stock their guestrooms with the trendy magazines of the day or at least place some localized publication on the desks but there are actually a few hotels out there that still publish their own magazine. We've got our hands on a few copies of these rare breeds and we'll be documenting our finds for you here. Know of a hotel magazine we should see before it goes out of print? Send it to us!

Vanity Fair isn't the only magazine in the game with a Lady Gaga cover out now. M: The Vegas Lifestyle magazine from MGM Resorts also went Gaga for its summer issue, thanks to her recent performance at the MGM Grand and the MGM My Fabulous Vegas event.

The M article is more of a primer for those not too familiar with Gaga, so there are no earth-shattering revelations here. In fact, all the quotes seem to come from other interviews, including those in Elle and AOL. Whatevs, we suppose it's hard to get an audience with the Lady these days, even if you are MGM.

There are other celebrities in the mag, of course—many of the Kristin Cavallari variety in the social pages, and a shot of Chef-brity Todd English at P.U.B. in the upfront news section.

Not surprisingly, there are plenty of ads and event listings for the various MGM properties sprinkled throughout the magazine, our favorite being the "Your Guide to Everything City Center" at the back. Even though we've strolled through Aria and the Crystals shopping mecca, it's easy to forget just what's there, so these listings can help Vegas visitors plan their days and nights.

More so than other hotel magazines, M is all about keeping you inside MGM properties—just like Vegas casinos in general want to keep you inside. This might be annoying if it weren't for the fact that we actually want to hit up some of the restaurants and spas featured in these pages.

Besides, it's Vegas: who has time to read? M does a good job of telling you what's on at your casino and the others in the MGM family. If you're looking for more literature than that, we suggest you pack your Kindle or rethink your destination.

That said, we do think that the photography and design could be spruced up a bit. Where HRH Magazine could pass for a newsstand music mag, M looks like it's catering squarely to the middle of the road.

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